Q: Why so many different program versions?

A: One solution does not fit all. Our customers vary from the big, international paint manufacturer with large production and R&D locations to the independent and engaged POS owner. With different software solution we can offer packages that suit all.

Q: How do I build my own database?

A: There are many different ways how a database can look like. There are tint databases with between one and up to 10 tint bases (some of them coloured), production databases with or without a clear component, databases that can adjust the formulation to requiert coverage and film thickness. These are just some examples. Please contact our application support to discuss your specific requierments.

Q: What are the minimum requirements on a PC to run the programs?

A: Minimum requirements are as follows.

  • All connected PCs must have XP SP2 or later, Windows 7, 8 or 10 operative. You need local full administrator privileges at installation.
  • Screen Resolution minimum dpi 1366 x 768, higher recommended.
  • 1x USB - port.
  • Users with spectrophotometer need 1x COM - port(or virtual via USB) for some models or 1x USB-port.
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